ASNU GDI/FSI adapter box can be added to any ASNU system for the operator to be able to test any direct injection injector.

The ASNU GDI Adapter Box has been designed to drive Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) injectors with an approved supply of current and voltage to simulate injector electronic operation as on the engine. Correct Electronic Operation is critical when examining the injector’s response to changes in mS & RPM. Examination of the injectors Fuel Distribution and Atomisation is equally critical to the Engine's Correct Running, Performance, Fuel Economy and Emission Outputs. Even the slightest irregularity in the Fuel Spray pattern would result in illumination of the Engine Check Light, but with no specific cause identified.

GDI injectors are difficult and time consuming to remove and re-fit, would you fit a new set of injectors without ensuring they are working correctly?   

Technical Features

  • Dedicated Driver Currents
  • Suitable For All Types GDI Injectors
  • Tests Up To 8 GDI/FSI Injectors at one time
  • Sequential Injector Firing Operation
  • 18 Various M/S & RPM Test Settings
  • Suitable for Standard Manifold Injectors
  • High Performance Option
  • Simulates on-car Spray Patterns & Flow Rates
  • Accepts High & Low Resistance Injectors
  • Single Injector Selection Operation
  • Injector Leak Down Test
  • Injector Inductance Test - Electro Magnetic Circuit (mH)
  • Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Cycle
  • 12 Language Selection Screen
  • Easy to Read LCD Screen
  • Membrane Key Pad
  • Separate Wiring Harnesses
  • Teflon Seal Fitting Tool
  • Use with Any ASNU System
  • Updates Old ASNU Machine To Latest Specification
  • Easy Connection to ASNU system
  • Could be used with Non ASNU system
  • Choice of colours
  • Packaging Specifications

    • Boxed Size: 52 x 35 x 33 cm
      Boxed Weight: 9.40 kgs
      Un-Boxed Size: 30 x 25 x 24 cm
      Un-Boxed Weight: 6.50 kgs
      Power Input - AC Input: 90 - 264 V

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